If you have a background in education, and if you are a professional educator and want to explore another line of work, there is a wide range of careers that you could choose from. Many of them are actually quite unusual. There are many opportunities in publishing, higher education, journalism, childcare administration, sales and marketing, human resources, among others. In this article we shall talk about some alternative career paths for professional educators.


29 Mar

Top Career Paths

If you have majored in English, and are confused as to which line of work you should go into, well – you needn’t be confused any longer. Gone are the days when English major opened up only two career options – teaching in high school, and teaching in university. Now, with the plethora of career paths opened up to you through an English major, you are spoilt for choice. This article will discuss the top 3 career paths for English majors.


25 Mar

Best Jobs for the Future

The economy is changing even as you’re reading this. Therefore, the jobs available are changing too, and a job that might have been good 10 years back is not necessarily good anymore. The economy is in a constant state of flux; therefore the way of living too, is changing. So it is very important that you know what you are doing – not just for job security, but also to ensure that you don’t get caught up in this global economic recession. One trend that you need to be aware of is that more and more people are choosing to work from home – this makes a lot of money, and is also very convenient. In this article we shall list the best jobs for the future economy.


24 Mar

Telephone Interview Techniques

Telephonic interviews a common technique for companies to choose a prospective employee by scanning and filtering candidates before calling them over for a face-to-face interview. Telephone interviews are critical in the sense that how you speak, what you say and all such verbal communication will be used to judge you without a hiring company needing to see you in person. This is why it is so imperative to be prepared for such an event than simply rely on your improvisation skills when the call comes. The first part of being ready for a telephone interview is to know when the call is going to come or when you should call. Secondly, you need to set your objectives in order which should include:


15 Feb

Best Practices in Interviewing

Posted by in Careers Employment at February 15, 2010

Practice Interview

Hiring Process” is not an easy process. A wrong decision might be very heavy for company’s budget and repute both. Don’t save your resources while hiring a candidate or don’t over spend, as both extremes can be dangerous. Follow a simple set of principles and you will get better options for your company.

1. Choose any two media’s to propagate your vacancy. A newspaper must be the primary one. Craft a job description wisely keeping in mind all your concerns and requirements clearly.

2. A firm set of criteria must be followed to judge each resume. It all depends on nature and requirements of your project. You can make a list of following traits and give marks accordingly. At the end grand total will make your decision easy about each resume before calling any candidate for interview.


12 Feb

Job Interview Techniques

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Job Interview Techniques

Success is not always a matter of luck, but pre-planning. To get a job on first visit seems difficult to someone but trust me if you are a bit smart and standout differently you will definitely get the chance. Here we are going to brief about few techniques which will give you confidence and more chances of success.

Compile Profile: There are thousand ways of compiling up your documents along with evidences of success, previous work experiences and your major goals. Give it book’s form with Index page number everything you want to add in it. But highlight few pages and documents to save the time of hiring team. It all depends on your profile arrangement which might overwhelm your hiring manager.


10 Feb

Job Interview Nerves

Nerves: Everybody fears unknown or of what happens next? Our own bodies’ strength to deal with stressed situation is the task of nerves. All of us deal with our nerves in daily life for minor and major decisions etc.

Symptoms of Nervousness

  • Dry mouth,
  • Sweating,
  • Shaking of hands and legs, affect heart beat,
  • Faintness or feeling to use toilet again and again.

Job Interviews

Its normal to get nervous before an important job interview. You are about to meet new people and facing an exam like situation. To deal with such circumstances our body puts an unseen protection within our mind. “Adrenaline” is released which helps in complete concentration with the problem you are dealing with. The trick is to use your mind power to deal nasty situation by controlling the adrenaline.


09 Feb

5 Top Paying Green Jobs

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Green Jobs

Make Great Money as well!

Economy is passing through a tragic decline since 2008 worldwide. Every field and department is concentrated with professions. So, traditional degrees and jobs will be out-dated for next decade. It’s the need to time to look ahead towards jobs related to Nature and Environment. A huge amount of money is allocated in Energy Management, Green Job Training Programs etc. by American President.


05 Feb

A Guide to Choose the Right Career

Posted by in Careers Employment at February 05, 2010

Right Career

It is interesting to observe and realize how much our jobs effect on our thought process, well-being and in social life. We spent most of our waking moments at work, so it’s good to do something you like and enjoy the most. The modern day life is so machine like and fast —-hey man! Everyone needs a break!

You might have seen people with job dissatisfaction, least interested in the work they do or working half heartedly. Who we are? How we react to circumstances. Everything depends on the jobs we perform. So don’t spent major part of your life doing something you are unhappy with, a job that makes you frustrated or stressed. To leave such thing is a good idea.